"Leading Fiji to Economic Sucess"

Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion is defined as an enabling environment where all Fijian adults, irrespective of where they live, socio-economic status or gender, have access to, and are able to effectively use a broad range of affordable and appropriate financial services and products that are complemented by appropriate financial education and consumer protection policies.

Financial inclusion has become an important policy and development agenda for many developing countries. The concept of inclusive finance is at the heart of most Government initiatives to level the playing field to support individuals and communities efforts, particularly the poor and disadvantaged, to work themselves out of poverty and contribute to economic growth.  

Working collaboratively with all relevant stakeholders has been the underlying and instrumental factor contributing to the success of Fiji’s financial inclusion efforts.  The RBF is committed to and has taken a strategic lead in driving financial inclusion in Fiji.  This is reflected primarily through our Financial Inclusion Strategic Plan linked below: