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Returning Damaged Bank Notes

The Reserve Bank of Fiji aims to have the highest quality banknotes in circulation. This helps to maintain confidence in Fiji’s currency by making it easier for people to check the security features on banknotes and make it more difficult for counterfeits to be passed or remain in circulation.  We work very closely with commercial banks to maintain the highest quality of banknotes in circulation at all times.

This is to ensure the public have confidence when using Fijian currency and have access to excellent quality, clean and authentic banknotes thus making it extremely difficult for counterfeit banknotes to be circulated. The Reserve Bank understands the concerns in accepting these banknotes by businesses. We have actively withdrawn these old design banknotes from circulation since more than a decade ago in 2012, following the issue of the current series of banknotes which came with updated images and security features.

In practice, withdrawal from circulation means that the Reserve Bank substitutes older design banknotes with the new design series as and when the older design series is received by the central bank through the banking system. Over a period of several months, most banknotes circulating in the hands of the public would be the new design. Older design banknotes could still remain and be presented for transactional purposes around the country or abroad, however after a decade there would be isolated cases.  The Reserve Bank will reach out in such cases to clarify and resolve the issue when brought to our attention.

Mutilated banknote means a genuine banknote that is no longer fit for circulation and use by the public in accordance with the quality standards as set out by the RBF. This type of banknote must be returned either directly to the RBF or via a commercial bank.

A mutilated banknote may have any one or more of the mutilations as illustrated below:

Type of Mutilation

Mutilation Description


General distribution of dirt across the entire banknote.

Graffiti, Stains or marks

Drawings, wordings, numbers written on banknotes. Localised dirty marks/patches on the banknote.


Part(s) of banknote joined by taping or gluing.


Banknote being pressed or crushed into many folds or creases which damages the structure and texture of the banknote.


Banknote damaged due to washing, rain or flood waters.


Banknote damaged by paper punch holes or other tears.

Worn ink

Banknote with faded ink, making the images and wordings blur on the banknote.

Missing Security Thread and Foil Features

Banknote with the security thread removed.


We offer a claims service for damaged banknotes that fall into the following categories:

1.TORN or BURNT banknotes where more than 33 percent of the banknote is missing

2. MUTILATED banknotes which may have signs of:

  • Significant damage that creates doubts of authenticity of the banknote
  • Exposed to excessive soiling and/or discoloration resulting from stains and graffiti leading to the banknote designs and security features not easily recognised

A MUTILATED/DAMAGED/OLD DESIGN banknote claim form must be completed and returned with the banknote in a sealed envelope to the RBF via a commercial bank or by post addressed to:

Pratt Street,

For more information on damaged banknotes please contact us on 331 3611 (8:30am – 5:00pm Weekdays)

Email: info@rbf.gov.fj

Percentage of Banknote Missing


Up to 33 percent of banknote missing

Full value to be paid.

50 percent of banknote missing

50 percent of face value to be paid.

More than 50 percent of the banknote is missing

No value to be paid.