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Workshops & Seminars & Presentations

CMDA Workshops, Seminars & Presentations

The CMDA offers the following workshops, seminars and presentations aimed at developing or enhancing the knowledge and skills of intermediaries, company executives, investors and other key players.

In an effort to build the capacity of our industry players and market intermediaries the Corporate Finance Division of the Capital Markets Development Authority will be running various technical workshops throughout the course of the 2009. Please find below our schedule of workshops:

Month Title Duration
March Workshop: Corporate Financial Management 2 Days
June SME Workshop: Raising Capital via the Stock Markets 2 Days
July/ August Seminar: Guideline on Prospectus for Equities, Unit Trusts and Bonds 1 Day
October/November Workshop on Mergers and Acquisitions 2 Days
  Seminar: Guidelines on Takeovers, Mergers and Acquisitions and Share buyback 1 Day

CMDA Finance Workshops (2008)

Financial Analysis
13 March 08

Advanced Financial Statement Analysis
11-12 June 2008

Recently Conducted CMDA Workshops (2007)

Corporate Governance Workshop “Effective Governance- Attracting Long Term Investments”
28-30 September 07

Investment Opportunities in the Capital Markets for Provincial Investment Companies (Fijian Language)
13th November 07

How to Value a Company
20th November 07

Advanced Valuation Techniques
21st November 07

For more information on upcoming CMDA workshops, seminars and presentations please contact the CMDA on telephone 330-4944, fax 331-2 021 or email:info@cmda.com.fj