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Working Papers

Policy Research Working Paper 2020 - 2
Does finance matter for health in the PICs? A case study of Fiji
Krishal Prasada, Shelvin Karana, Nirodha Javawardenab, Samsul Alamf,Parmendra Sharmab

Policy Research Working Paper 2020 - 1
Remittances vis-à-vis bank credit and investments in Pacific island countries: The case of Fiji
Matia Tuisawaua, Akata Taitoa, Mitieli Cama Fiji Bureau of Statisticsd Jak Khakharovb, Lan Nguyenb, Parmendra Sharmab,c


Policy Research Working Paper 2019 - 1
Financial integration in open, small economies of the South Pacific: extent, consequences and policy implications

By Seruwaia Cagilabaa, Kalolaini Ranadia, Victor Wonge, Eduardo Rocab,c, Nirodha Jayawardenab and Parmendra Sharmab,c
Policy Research Working Paper 2018 - 1
Finance and Socio-economic Development in Fiji: Some Stylized Facts
By  Krishal Prasada, Md Samsul Alamb and Parmendra Sharma,b,c


Policy Research Working Paper 2016 - 4
Technical Efficiency and Total Factor Productivity of Banks in Fiji: Empirical Analysis and Policy Implications
By Parmendra Sharmaa,b, Savaira Manoa, Seci Taleniwesi, Son Nghiemc and Nurul Kabira

Policy Research Working Paper 2016 - 3
Developing Fiji's Microfinance sector: some policy implications
By Katherine Hunta, Christina Rokoua, Carl Miller, Poasa Werekoro and Parmendra Sharmaa,b

Policy Research Working Paper 2016 - 2
Trilemma or Quadrilemma - the case of a Pacific Island Country
Abstract: Please click here 
By Jen Je Sua, Lavenia Cocker, Disusu Delana and Parmendra Sharmaa,b


Policy Research Working Paper 2015 - 1
An Assessment of Fiji's Banking Sector on a Global Scale: 2000 - 2011
By Parmendra Sharmaa,b, Eduardo Rocaa, Vilimaina Dakai and Savaira Manoa

All papers are written by Reserve Bank of Fiji staff except indicated below.
a  Reserve Bank of Fiji
b  Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University
c  Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation, Queensland University of Technology
Fiji Bureau of Statistics
e Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics, Griffith University
f  De Montfort University
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