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Policy Research Working Paper 2019 - 1
Financial integration in open, small economies of the South Pacific: extent, consequences and policy implications

By Seruwaia Cagilabaa, Kalolaini Ranadia, Victor Wongb, Eduardo Rocab,c, Nirodha Jayawardenab and Parmendra Sharmab,c
aReserve Bank of Fiji bDepartment of Accounting, Finance and Economics, Griffith University cGriffith Asia Institute, Griffith University

Policy Research Working Paper 2018 - 1
Finance and Socio-economic Development in Fiji: Some Stylized Facts
By  Krishal Prasada, Md Samsul Alamb and Parmendra Sharma,b,c


Policy Research Working Paper 2016 - 4
Technical Efficiency and Total Factor Productivity of Banks in Fiji: Empirical Analysis and Policy Implications
By Parmendra Sharmaa,b, Savaira Manoa, Seci Taleniwesi, Son Nghiemc and Nurul Kabira

Policy Research Working Paper 2016 - 3
Developing Fiji's Microfinance sector: some policy implications
By Katherine Hunta, Christina Rokoua, Carl Miller, Poasa Werekoro and Parmendra Sharmaa,b

Policy Research Working Paper 2016 - 2
Trilemma or Quadrilemma - the case of a Pacific Island Country
Abstract: Please click here 
By Jen Je Sua, Lavenia Cocker, Disusu Delana and Parmendra Sharmaa,b


Policy Research Working Paper 2015 - 1
An Assessment of Fiji's Banking Sector on a Global Scale: 2000 - 2011
By Parmendra Sharmaa,b, Eduardo Rocaa, Vilimaina Dakai and Savaira Manoa

All papers are written by Reserve Bank of Fiji staff except indicated below.
a  Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics, Griffith University
b  Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University
c  Australian Centre for Health Services Innovation, Queensland University of Technology
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