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RBF Working Papers

RBF Working Paper EGWP  2020-01 
Sudden Stops: Fiji Case Study By Kalolaini Ranadi Isoa Wainiqolo Petaia Tuimanu Economics Group July 2020 


Working Paper EGWP 2019-01
Estimations of the Output Gap and Potential Output with Natural Disasters Fiji Case Study (824k) By Jacinta Hesaie Isoa Wainiqolo Seron Shivanjali Iris Claus


Working Paper EGWP 2018-01
Modelling Fiji’s Tourism Arrivals (701k PDF) By Isoa Wainiqolo Seron Shivanjali Economics Group September 2018


Working Paper EGWP 2017-02
Reassessing Fiji's Core Inflation Measures (721k PDF) By Isoa Wainiqolo and Apenisa Tuicakau Economics Group December 2017

Working Paper EGWP 2017-01
Financial Sector Development in Fiji Post 2000 (733k PDF) By Krishal Prasad Economics Group January 2017 


Working Paper EGWP 2014-01
Money Demand Estimation for Fiji (257k PDF) By Bedika Mala Economics Group January 2014 


Working Paper EGWP 2013-02 
Towards A Macroeconomic Model for Fiji (302k PDF) By Isoa Wainiqolo Economics Group June 2013

 Working Paper EGWP 2013-01                                                                                                            
Quarterly Output Indicator Series for Fiji (275k PDF) By Alisha Karan Economics Group April 2016


Working Paper EDWP 2004-06
Fiji's Export Competitiveness: A Comparison with Selected Small Island Developing States (235k PDF) By Raymond Prasad Economics Group December 2004

 Working Paper EDWP 2004-05
Modelling Real Private Consumption Expenditure - An Empirical Study on Fiji (240k PDF) By Bimal Singh Economics Group December 2004

 Working Paper EDWP 2004-04
Relationship between Inflation and Economic Growth (329k PDF) By Vikesh Gokal, Subrina Hanif  Economics Group December 2004

 Working Paper EDWP 2004-03
Financial Development and Economic Growth in Fiji (234k PDF) By Caroline Waqabaca Economics Group December       


Working Paper EDWP 2003-04 
Measurement of Underlying Inflation in Fiji (147k PDF) By Edwin Dewan, Vikesh Gokal and Shajehan Hussein Economics Group February 2004

Working Paper EDWP 2003-03 
Inflation Targeting - Country Experiences (210k PDF) By Edwin Dewan Economics Group December 2003

Working Paper EDWP 2003-02
Modelling the Labour Market in Fiji (147k PDF) By Bimal Singh and Shajehan Hussein Economics Group December 2003

 Working Paper EDWP 2003-01
An Empirical Examination of the Export-Led Growth Hypothesis in Fiji (137k PDF) By Yenteshwar Ram Economics Group December 2003      


Working Paper EDWP 2001-04 
Determinants of Economic Growth (764k PDF) By Edwin Dewan and Shajehan Hussein Economics Group April 2001

Working Paper EDWP 2001-03 
A re-examination of the Demand for money in Fiji (427k PDF) By Resina Katafono Economics Group March 2001

 Working Paper EDWP 2001-02 
Determinants of Private Investment in Fiji (428k PDF) By Elenoa Seruvatu and T.K. Jayaraman  Economics Group February 2001      

Working Paper EDWP 2001-01
Monetary and Fiscal Co-ordination in Fiji (288k PDF) By Faizul Ariff Ali and T.K. Jayaraman  Economics Group January 2001     


Working Paper EDWP 2000-07 
The relationship between Commodity Prices and Output/Exports By Seema Narayan Economics Group October 2000

Working Paper EDWP 2000-06
Measures of potential Output in Fiji (120k PDF) By Kavi Goundar and Steven Morling Economics Group October 2000

Working Paper EDWP 2000-05
Financial Sector Development and Reform in Fiji (180k PDF) By Caroline Waqabaca Economics Group September 2000 

Working Paper EDWP 2000-04 
Determinants of Exports in Fiji (192k PDF) By Sangita Prasad Economics Group June 2000

Working Paper EDWP 2000-03
An analysis of the Determinants of Fiji's Imports (200K PDF) By Annie Rogers Economics Group May 2000

Working Paper EDWP 2000-02
The relationship between monetary aggregates, inflation, and output in Fiji (744k PDF) By Resina Katafono Economics Group May 2000

Working Paper EDWP 2000-01 
Modelling Output Fluctuations in Fiji (265k PDF) By George Williams & Steve Morling Economics Group January 2000

Working Paper EDWP 1999-02
Modelling Inflation Processe in Fiji (205k PDF) By Edwin Dewan, Shajehan Hussein & Steve Morling Economics Group June 1999 

Working Paper EDWP 1999-01
Conduct of Monetary Policy (148k PDF) By Caroline Waqabaca & Steve Morling Economics Group June 1999

All papers are written by Reserve Bank of Fiji staff.

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