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Publications & Documents >> Working Papers

Working Papers


         Money Demand Estimation for Fiji By Bedika Mala


          Quarterly Output Indicator Series for Fiji By Alisha Karan


          Fiji's Export Competitiveness: A Comparison with Selected Small Island Developing 
          States (235k PDF) By Raymond Prasad
          Economics Group December 2004

         Modelling Real Private Consumption Expenditure - An Empirical Study on Fiji (240k PDF) 
         By Bimal Singh
         Economics Group December 2004

          Relationship between Inflation and Economic Growth (329k PDF) By Vikesh Gokal, 
          Subrina Hanif
          Economics Group December 2004

          Financial Development and Economic Growth in Fiji (234k PDF) By Caroline Waqabaca
          Economics Group December 2004 

          The Implications of Evolving Technology on Monetary Policy: A literature Survry (111k
           PDF) By Resina Katafono
           Economics Group December 2004

          Modelling Tourism Demand in Fiji (119k PDF) By Edwin Dewan, Vikesh Gokal and
          Shajehan Hussein
          Economics Group December 2004



          Measurement of Underlying Inflation in Fiji (147k PDF) By Edwin Dewan, Vikesh Gokal
          and Shajehan Hussein
          Economics Group February 2004

          Inflation Targeting - Country Experiences (210k PDF) By Edwin Dewan 
          Economics Group December 2003

          Modelling the Labour Market in Fiji (147k PDF) By Bimal Singh and Shajehan Hussein
          Economics Group December 2003

          An Empirical Examination of the Export-Led Growth Hypothesis in Fiji (137k PDF) By
          Yenteshwar Ram 
           Economics Group December 2003


          Determinants of Economic Growth (764k PDF) By Edwin Dewan and Shajehan Hussein
          Economics Group April 2001

          A re-examination of the Demand for money in Fiji (427k PDF) By Resina Katafono
          Economics Group March 2001

          Determinants of Private Investment in Fiji (428k PDF) By Elenoa Seruvatu and T.K. 
          Jayaraman  Economics Group February 2001

          Monetary and Fiscal Co-ordination in Fiji (288k PDF) By Faizul Ariff Ali and T.K.
          Jayaraman  Economics Group January 2001


           The relationship between Commodity Prices and Output / Exports By Seema Narayan
            Economics Group October 2000

           Measures of potential Output in Fiji (120k PDF) By Kavi Goundar and Steven Morling
           Economics Group October 2000

          Financial Sector Development and Reform in Fiji (180k PDF) By Caroline Waqabaca
          Economics Group September 2000 

           Determinants of Exports in Fiji (192k PDF) By Sangit Prasad
           Economics Group June 2000

           An analysis of the Determinants of Fiji's Imports (200K PDF) By Annie Rogers
           Economics Group May 2000

          The relationship between monetary aggregates, inflation, and output in Fiji (744k PDF)
          By Resina Katafono Economics Group May 2000

          Modelling Output Fluctuations in Fiji (265k PDF) By George Williams & Steve Morling
          Economics Group January 2000

          Modelling Inflation Processe in Fiji (205k PDF) By Edwin Dewan, Shajehan Hussein &
          Steve Morling   Economics Group June 1999 

          Conduct of Monetary Policy (148k PDF) By Caroline Waqabaca & Steve Morling
          Economics Group June 1999